Could You Use a Helping Hand in Your Online Biz?🤝

„Teamwork makes the dream work! You can achieve a lot on your own in your business, but the greatest successes are realized with the support of others.”

You know the saying, „It takes a village”? Well, your dream deserves a village too. Sure, you’re pretty awesome on your own, but imagine what you could do with some backup!

Ever feel like you’re trying to juggle being the creator, the marketer, the salesperson, and oh, let’s not forget, the coffee maker? How’s that working out for you? Why not stick to what you’re brilliant at and let me handle the rest? Sound good?

What Do I Bring to the Table? 🌟

I’m your go-to Online Project Manager, the one who keeps all the plates spinning. You’ve got ideas, dreams, and deadlines? I’ve got a plan to make them all happen without busting your budget or your zen.

Why You Might Need Me 🤷‍♀️

Juggling an online business solo can feel like trying to catch a falling star: exciting but kinda chaotic. That’s where I step in! You focus on making your amazing products, and I’ll sort out the nitty-gritty stuff. No more late-night googling how to set up automated emails or which ad to run when!

I’ve Got Skills 😎

I’m not just a project or business manager; I can also do the fancy stuff like setting up your automations, helping with email marketing, launching paid ads, and even crafting the perfect sales pitch for you. Ring any bells?

I need a business manager!

Ever Felt Like This? 😩

  • Running around like a headless chicken during sales campaigns?
  • Always out of time for those cool ideas you have?
  • Wondering what on earth you should be doing first?
  • Feeling a bit lost without a roadmap?
  • Needing a tech guru but don’t know where to find one?

Here’s How I Can Help 🙌

I offer a whole menu of services to make your business run smoother than a fresh jar of peanut butter. From project planning to streamlining your systems, I’ve got your back!

How about we make those dreams a reality? 💫 Ready to Get Your Biz Booming?

Mapping Out Your Dream Biz

  • What are your business goals? Let’s chat
  • We’ll take a good look at what you’ve got (resources) and what you’re up against (hello, SWOT analysis)
  • A sneak peek at your competitors to see what they’re up to
  • Crafting the way your brand talks and feels
  • Yup, we’ll get that business plan sorted

Sell, But Make it Chill

  • Setting up your sales funnel
  • A campaign schedule you’ll actually stick to
  • Designing that knockout sales page
  • Coordinating any extra hands we need
  • Overseeing your live sales window
  • Organic efforts to draw folks in
  • Rocking Facebook Ads for you

Launch Your Passion Project

  • Figuring out your target audience
  • A quick look at competitors and where your product fits in
  • Crafting a sales pitch people can’t ignore
  • Your step-by-step plan for a stellar product release
  • I’m here to make sure it all goes off without a hitch

Social Media, But Social-er

  • Reviewing your current social hustle
  • A look at what your competitors are doing online
  • Scheduling posts that people will love
  • Generating all kinds of awesome content ideas
  • Managing those Facebook/Instagram ads for you

Tools & Tech Magic

  • Managing your CRM system
  • Helping you choose the tools that make sense
  • Analyzing how well everything’s working
  • Setting up automations on platforms like Active Campaign, Mailerlite, GetResponse, ConvertKit, SalesManago
  • Crafting a sales proposition
Let’s make magic happen together!

Imagine This… A Sales Campaign Journey with Me 🌟

1. Let’s Talk Ideas

First up, let’s get our heads together and chat about your awesome campaign idea. What do you want to sell? An e-book? A course? VIP packages? Cool, cool. We’ll also figure out the best places to show off your goodies—like which social media channels to use and which types of ads will make people stop scrolling and start clicking. And don’t worry, we’ll set some timelines so we both know what to do and when.

2. Making a Game Plan

Once we’re clear on what you’re aiming for, I’ll whip up a campaign plan that’s tailored just for you. It’ll be a step-by-step guide on how to get from „Hey, I’ve got this idea” to „Wow, look at those sales numbers!”

3. Offer and the Sales Page

Next, let’s make people an offer they can’t refuse! Need help writing it? I got you. And that sales page? Whether you want to DIY it or bring in a pro, I’ll be right there to make sure everything’s looking and sounding great.

4. Creating All the Things

Now, let’s get your content ready to roll. Think blog posts, videos, and those irresistible emails. I can even help write up some scripts or create guidelines to make sure everything stays on brand. And yep, I’ll also handle any ads or promotional material you need.

5. Time to Get Things Done!

This is when the rubber meets the road. I’ll make sure everyone knows what they’re doing and that it gets done right and on time.

6. Showtime: The Sales Window

Ready, set, sell! During this crucial time, I’ll be your backstage manager, making sure the campaign is running smoothly. I’ll keep an eye on how things are going and jump in to tweak stuff if we need to up our game.

7. How’d We Do?

Once it’s all said and done, we’ll take a look back at how everything went. We’ll see what worked, what didn’t, and what we can do even better next time.

Take a Peek at the Kind Words from My Clients 💌

So, Where Do We Kick Things Off? 🌱

Let’s Start With a Chat 🌟

Communication is the key to any great partnership, right? So, how about we hop on a no-pressure, totally free call to figure out how we can best work together. Sound good?
I want a call