Meet Your Brand Manager!

Hi, I’m Gosia Galbas, and I’ve been living abroad for several years, currently in Austria, where my business adventure began.

In 2014, I started my local business as a yoga instructor 🧘‍♀️ and within a few months, I gained clients for my classes in German. I even led weekend workshops and corporate yoga for its employees.

In 2021, I moved to the online world and established another company in Austria. Currently, I am a brand manager and support women in starting their online business and acquiring clients. I specialize in building effective customer pathways in such a way that sales processes are consciously created.

Additionally, I support individual clients in online sales activities through strategic management of sales campaigns and while creating digital products. I also implement processes and procedures in small online businesses. I have my own digital products and conduct both group and individual mentoring for entrepreneurial women.

Currently, I am also focused on local activities and promote remote working in my community through training, consultations, and promotion at local events. I am preparing for the release of my first book.

Additionally, I promote the idea of work-life integration and ensure to maintain balance in my life. As a certified coach, I also help my clients overcome barriers that block them from achieving success.

In 2022, I received the “Lwice Biznesu 2022” distinction. In 2023, I completed training at IMOK as a Brand Manager. I was also honored with the Business Women Awards 2023 and Inspiratorka Roku 2023 for my activities. I am nominated for the Champion Biznesu 2023 award.

“Fear and do it anyway!!”

That’s my life motto, which I want to spread to others.

I have made many risky decisions, but I always felt that I was doing the right thing.

  • I underwent several weeks of internship at the Polish Embassy in Cairo, where I learned about the Arabic culture and the world of diplomacy.
  • I resigned from a stable, permanent job at a corporation in Wrocław to go abroad for student internships.
  • I quit my job and traveled the world until I finally took a teacher training course with Yoga Alliance UK in Goa, India.
  • I moved with my family (a three-year-old and a ten-month-old baby) to La Reunion Island and lived there for several months.
  • 2021 was a major change in my life — I started from scratch in the online business and have been continuously developing ever since!

Dreams don’t come true – dreams are made true!

I believe that great potential lies dormant within each of us, which needs to be awakened. One should follow one’s intuition and not be afraid to make tough decisions. You can fulfill your dreams too!

My key to success

The most important thing for me is an individual approach to each client and interpersonal relationships.

I have come to realize that owning a business primarily involves continuous development and working on one’s own beliefs.

I have been in each of these places and faced the same challenges as you!

That’s why I know exactly how to support you!

Luck isn’t everything!

I founded my first company in 2014. As a yoga instructor, I successfully ran in-person classes in German for several years.

I founded my first company in 2014. As a yoga instructor, I successfully ran in-person classes in German for several years.

In December 2021, I was a speaker at a conference for Virtual Assistants organized by Elżbieta Nieradko. In 2022, I spoke at the “How to Live Online 2022?” conference and for the second time at a freelancer conference. The year 2023 is full of events and changes: I was a speaker at the I Women’s Forum, and participated in an e-book “Active, Independent, and Inspiring.”

Discover my competencies:

My successes

  • Distinction at the gala “Lwice Biznesu 2022”
  • Certificate Business Women Awards 2023
  • Mention in the book “The Decision That Changed Life!”
  • Panelist at the I Women’s Forum 2023
  • Nomination for Business Champion 2023
  • Statuette “Inspiratorka Roku” 2023
  • Speaker at the Conference for Freelancers in 2021 and 2022

Strengths — Gallup’s Talents

  • Learning — I love to learn and enhance my skills. This excites me greatly.
  • Impartiality — I am acutely aware of the need to treat people the same way. I am an advocate for routine, clear rules, and procedures that everyone can follow.
  • Deliberation — Although it may not be apparent at first glance, my decisions and choices are carefully thought out. I foresee potential obstacles.
  • Discipline — I like routine and structures. My world is best described by the order that I create around me.
  • Collecting — I have a need to collect and archive. I gather information, ideas, artifacts, and even relationships.

I continuously train and update my knowledge

I am constantly gaining new knowledge and expanding my competencies. I do not like to stand still. I want to provide you with the greatest value, supported not only by my own experience but also by theory.

  • Brand Manager IMOK
  • European Women’s Business Club
  • Societe Community
  • The Club by Living Brave by Shoshanna Raven
  • Global Mastermind with Brian Tracy
  • Marketing Director Course
  • AI for Business Course
  • Executive Director Course
  • Campaign Matters and Action Matters (Bartek Popiel)
  • Club “Hakerki Sukcesu Pro”
  • Mentoring by Silja Silbuch
  • Life Coaching accredited by ACSTH
  • Klub CVP Change Value Process